montepulciano centro storico


A non-competitive walk.


Walking, Fitwalking, Trekking, etc. not competitive event.


Departure: Montepulciano, Temple of San Biagio

Arrival: Montepulciano, Piazza Grande

Itinerary with differences in height, not suitable for children.


The Montepulcianonfoot start at halfway of Viale delle Rimembranze with a view of the “Church of San Biagio or Tempio di San Biagio”. Competitors will go down the asphalted stretch of Viale delle Rimembranze for about 300 meters then continue on via dei Canneti, here they will turn on via di Pescaia, take the road of via dell'Aiola, then cross the Provincial road 146 for Chianciano opposite to Triacca winery, here you have to take a small road through the vineyards and olive trees of the same winery until you reach a country road, via del Termine, towards Monticchiello. After crossing a small stream (Tresa), you go up, than enter on the country road of via 7 Aprile in the Municipality of Pienza, at the top of the hill, of via 7 Aprile, turn left and take Viale Marino Cappelli towards the village of Monticchiello. At the entrance to the town, turn left in direction of the stone door, here you take a small road that surrounds the town and arrives in the Fortress, enter and immerse yourself in the center of the small medieval village, and then exit through the main door. Once outside, continue along the SC Pienza road towards Montepulciano, entering a country road. From here begins a long climb up to via di San Bartolomeo in the area of Montepulciano, cross the amazing "Parco Villa Trecci", it’s so beautiful! Once arrived at the main gate, turn left where you skirt the vineyards of the Triacca winery . You continue inside the vineyards with the wonderful view of Montepulciano which now appears much closer to us, and then arrive inside anche pass trough the Triacca propriety, to the main entrance.  Once you exit, take the Provincial road 146 to Chianciano and take the road of via dell’Aiola, then turn into via di Pescaia in direction of via dei Canneti and follow the road for about 50 meters. Now, turn right into via Emilio Giorgi, and enter in direction of “via di San Biagio”, cross the Porta dei Grassi, turn right into via Piana, then left into via del Paolino and pass "l'Arco del Paolino ”, here you turn into via dei Ricci and reach to Piazza Grande, the end of your Montepulcianoonfoot!

It is possible to register at the Fortezza di Montepulciano on the morning of the race from 7.30am to 9.15am



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