Nobili Passi

montepulciano vino nobile



Starting line: P.zza Santa Agnese, lower part of Montepulciano, at 9.30.

Finish line: Montepulciano, Piazza Grande


Nobilipassi, about 6 km of enogastronomic tour discovering some of the most beautiful wine cellars of Montepulciano.

The tour leaves at 9.30, starting line , Church of Santa Agnese in Montepulciano; from there, on easy roads, asphalted and dirt roads, you will be led to discover glimpses and particular views of this beautiful area of ​​Tuscany.

The history of Montepulciano has always been strongly linked to the fame of its vineyards and its wine, as evidenced by the ancient cellars that can be visited in the historic center, some, monumental structures and still in work activities.

Designed for lovers of good food and good wine, "Nobilipassi" a ride , without renouncing physical well-being and outdoor life, turn out to be a real enogastronomic tour, which will visit some wine cellars of this territory , where wine tasting will be coupled to local specialties and local cuisine, becoming a wandering lunch, starting with an appetizer ending with dessert, satisfying  the most difficult likings.

The tour ends in the beautiful Piazza Grande.

Race course


cantina ercolani

frantoio di montepulciano

villa nottola

cantina canneto

cantina crociani

cantina gattavecchi

cantina talosa

terra antica

Soon we will publish the details for this event.